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Our values guide us in everything we do, helping you grow your business and fulfill your vision

Passion for Innovation

We delight in challenging the status quo and being first to market, bringing you revolutionary products and services.

Service is beautiful

We strive to listen to you carefully and understand your aspirations so we can better serve the needs of your growing business.

Shamir Values

Be the best, but never rest

Superior quality products mean fewer errors, complaints, and non-adapts. We never stop learning & improving, so we can make our best even better for you.

Agility Value


Agility means responding fast to market changes while being flexible to address your needs as they evolve.

The Shamir difference – technology leadership

Our company stands at the forefront of cutting-edge
optical R&D, driving technological advances,
product excellence and peerless customer

Shamir Technologies
Shamir lenses

Best-in-class optical
products & solutions

Our deep understanding and desire
to address basic human pains and
requirements is clearly reflected
in our staggering selection of
high-quality products and solutions.

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Partnering for success – ECP testimonials

John Darin

I have dealt with Shamir for many years now and have found them to be efficient and pleasant to deal with. The quality of work is excellent and I rarely find a problem. If I have urgent jobs, it’s a simple phone call and they do everything to accommodate my requirements.

John Darin
DaRin Optometrist

Raquel Zazo Calahorra and Conchita García-Blanes

We began our journey 30 years ago. Over the last 10 years, we have placed our trust in Shamir Optical, the main distributor of ophthalmic lenses because of its quality, variety, after-sales service, proximity, interest in research and development, design, and technology of new products.

Raquel Zazo Calahorra and Conchita García-Blanes Owners of VISION 6

Paula Silva

Shamir is a partner that deserves all our trust, due to the excellence of its products.
It’s a company that makes a strong investment in innovation and technology and communicates in a creative and original way.

Paula Silva,
NOL optical stores and Olhar de Prata Optical

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