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Experience is everything

Shamir Autograph InTouch UX™ is an upgraded version
Autograph InTouch™, designed to improve the total vision experience by providing sharper vision for the digital zone and by maximizing individual postural comfort, perfectly matched for digital devices.

Experience digital accuracy

Providing precision sharpness in the digital zone
Focusing on near objects such as digital devices for long periods can eventually lead to blurred vision, visual stress and eye fatigue.
Using Intellicorridor™ Technology for greater digital accuracy.
The combination of Intellicorridor™ with Close-Up™ Technology provides more near viewing focus, to fit our digital lifestyles.

Experience digital comfort

Ensuring a comfortable ergonomic posture
When the near viewing zone does not correspond with people’s natural reading angle, they compensate by tilting their head forwards or backwards, or by raising or lowering the device, causing discomfort.
By using Natural Posture™ Technology, the image shifts back to an ergonomically correct viewing position.

Who it’s for

Eyeglass wearers with modern lifestyles, who frequently use digital devices and expect the highest levels of visual comfort.


Features & Benefits

Instant Focus

Immediate focus for  30cm-70cm vision range, optimized for digital devices

Digital Zone

Unprecedented support for computer and handheld digital device viewing

Maximum Postural Comfort

Ergonomic experience  Maximum postural comfort via a significant reduction in undesirable head and body movements

Maximum Visual Experience

Improves convergence during near viewing, ensuring  better sharpness for digital devices 


Seamless transition among vision zones

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