Shamir Workspace HDRShamir Workspace HDR


The perfect solution for
the ever-evolving modern workplace

Offering a greater depth of field, up to 3m (10ft.), this lens design allows
movement within the workspace and sharp vision, whether the required
focus is on the desk or a colleague across the room. It is perfect as a second pair of progressives or as an upgrade to reading glasses.

Our advantage:
Optimal visual experience
for up to 3m

In the modern workplace, we are constantly moving from working on our screens to meetings in open space office environments. This can lead to eye strain, vision problems, and discomfort. Shamir Workspace advanced lenses provide an optimal visual and ergonomic experience for mid-distance and near viewing office environments.

Shamir Workspace Lenses

Who it’s for

Those who need to focus on both mid-distance and near viewing.


Features & Benefits


Wide and clear reading zone.
Comfortable reading and sharp vision

Digital Zone

Excellent vision for computer
and mobile use

Open Space

Good for open space meetings


Unprecedented dynamic support for
near and intermediate
zone office activities


Ensures natural ergonomic
viewing posture

Reduces Eye Strain

Decreases eye strain and fatigue

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