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Introducing Shamir’s 5 Star Progressives Collection

A Lens for Every Visual Need and Lifestyle

As a cutting-edge innovator, constantly looking to strengthen its brand while increasing sales, Shamir is launching the 5 Star Progressives Collection. Shamir has gathered its 5 most innovative progressive lenses to help optometrists focus on offering the very best solutions for their patients.

What is the 5 Star Collection?
The 5 Star Collection is designed to provide the perfect offering for every customer, covering every price range, every lifestyle, and featuring Shamir’s advanced technologies.

Why focus on 5?
The main reason is that it allows us to provide a more streamlined and effective sales process for optometrists, and a simpler experience for customers. The marketing concept was a collaborative effort between our marketing and development department who discovered local markets had already begun implementing similar moves.

The 5 Star Collection includes:

  • Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ – The first progressive lens of its kind optimally tailored to individual eyeglass wearers’ needs and visual age.
  • Shamir Autograph IIID™ – A premium progressive lens, offering an optimally personalized visual experience across all zones
  • Shamir Autograph InTouch UX™ – An advanced and highly flexible everyday progressive lens, designed to significantly improve visual clarity in the 40-to-70-centimeter digital device viewing zones.
  • Shamir Autograph Urban™ – A dynamic progressive lens for modern urban lifestyles
  • Shamir Spectrum™ – A powerful progressive reading lens

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