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Lens personalization technology ensuring maximum near and intermediate visual comfort

The visual demands of today’s world have changed. Nearly everyone is now using digital devices, resulting in increased close viewing and increased eye convergence. A physiological trait that varies from person to person, convergence is particularly significant regarding progressive lenses, while the amount of convergence required and achieved influences near visual performance during close work tasks.

Providing the perfect balance between visual clarity and comfort

Close-up technology provides customized sharp and comfortable vision for mid and near distances also in far/near PD irregularities. This ultimately enables delivery of the perfect balance between visual clarity and ergonomic comfort.

Main benefits for your patients

Accomodates natural eye
focusing motions

The ability to deliver lenses that fully accommodate natural eye focusing motions

Easy transition white

Near and intermediate
vision clarity

Ensures near and intermediate vision clarity

Maximizes viewing

Maximizes viewing comfort by precisely matching the specific physiological properties of individual eyeglass wearers’ eyes

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How it works

Controls the reading zone inset of the lens to each patient by their individual natural focusing and convergence during near viewing

Shamir’s Close-up technology adjusts the reading zone inset of the lens to each individual patient’s convergence during near viewing. This creates a lens that meets individual differences, from physiological traits such as distance between pupils, length of arms, or convergence/divergence disorders, to lifestyle, type of work, hobbies, and so on.

Our Advantage

Meets today’s demands for near and intermediate viewing

This technology results in a highly personalized lens that meets today’s visual performance demands, whether average or irregular, for near and intermediate viewing sharpness.

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