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At Shamir, work is a calling.
Creating, innovating, collaborating.
Whether you’re in R&D, Marketing,
Sales, Operations, IT, Finance or
HR, do things you never thought
possible at Shamir. Help provide
the gift of perfect vision.

At Shamir, your work matters. You can make
a difference every day.

Work-Life Balance

Shamir advocates a hybrid work environment, which combines working from home with working from the office or factory. We believe a work-life balance is integral to personal and professional growth.

Lifelong Learning

Shamir believes in lifelong learning and development. Professional courses are regularly offered to Shamir employees.

Shamir Academy encourages all its employees and managers to study the field of optics, regardless of their positions.

Learning is an integral part of a career at Shamir.

Diversity and Inclusion

Joining Shamir is about joining a global culture of collaboration and trust.

We believe that everyone deserves respect and equal treatment regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, cultural background, or religious beliefs. When people feel appreciated and included, they can be more creative, innovative, and successful.

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