SHAMIR Element™

Freeform® Lenses at a Basic Level

When more is too much, stick with the Shamir Element™

Not only do we want to help the consumer, but we want to help the eye care professional as well. With more product offerings to ensure a progressive solution for any budget, we’ve got your back (backside that is). Trust us, this lens has top-of-the-line features at a price that will make them smile.

We like to think that we understand consumers and where they’re coming from; so when it was brought to our attention that some consumers really like what the Shamir Autograph III® had to offer but couldn’t afford the price, we decided that it was our job to help them out. The answer: Shamir Element™, our elementary Freeform® lens!

With Shamir Element™ your patients get a back surfaced Freeform progressive lens made just for them. So what does that mean? Well, Element™ doesn’t have all the same bells and whistles that Shamir
Autograph III® does, but it’s a reasonably priced alternative that’s created to the highest level of optical accuracy (up to 1/100 diopters) and provides up to 20% wider fields of vision.

Who it’s for

Cost-conscious eyeglass wearers requiring visual clarity and comfort across all zones.

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Features & Benefits

Shamir Customized Lenses


Semi-personalized to the patient

Broad Vision

Broad fields of clear vision, for close and far visual zones

Winning Product

Reasonably priced Freeform® Progressive


Compatible with tinted, photochromic, and polarized sunglass applications, as well as with a range of advanced coatings

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