Shamir Smart SV MBShamir Smart SV HDR


A personalized single vision lens providing
a clear and comfortable visual experience

Optical lens design, providing visual support across its entire surface,
personalized per customers’ individual prescriptions.

Our advantage:
Offers crisp, clear vision precisely where required

Shamir Smart SV offers single vision eyeglass wearers a clear,
stable and comfortable visual experience precisely where they require it.
Featuring an aesthetically pleasing flat design, it is personalized to individual prescriptions,
and incorporates Eye-point Technology to ensure wide fields of clear vision.

Who it’s for

Eyeglass wearers of all ages requiring prescription compliant vision improvement in near or far zones

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Features & Benefits

Shamir Customized Lenses

Individual Prescription

Customized to individual prescriptions

Shamir Outdoor

Clear Vision

Wide fields of clear vision


Stable vision across all viewing fields


Aesthetically pleasing flat design

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