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Computer eyeglass lenses for the everywhere workplace

Today, work is where you are. It’s at home, the local coffee shop, or the B&B you’re staying at. That’s why you need the best lenses for computer work — that support your vision wherever you’re working.

No two jobs are the same. Shamir’s Computer Lenses cover every vision need

Emails. Spreadsheets. Presentations. Video calls. Your eyes are working hard from the moment you start working. Before you decide on what lens you need, consider what your daily workday is like. If you’re staring at a screen for hours at a time or hunched over your screen and frowning because screen text or numbers are blurry, it’s time to have your eyes checked. The time to move to Shamir Computer™ prescription lenses for computer work could be now.

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Are computer lenses right for you?

If you’re over 40, your eyes may be sending you signals. Perhaps you’re getting headaches, your eyes feel strained, or you’re rubbing them from tiredness after hours of screen time. It’s not the time to compromise. Investing in high quality computer lenses will improve your workday and quality of life. You can do more when you see clearly. Your body will feel the difference and your eyes will thank you!

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How far will you be able to see?

With Shamir Computer Lenses, you’ll have clear vision up to 1.5m (5 ft.) That’s like one-and-half baseball bats or guitars. (While they’re also good for playing guitar, you’ll need sport lenses for playing baseball!) Rest assured, when you’re at your desk, your posture will be optimal (so you can say goodbye to neck and arm pain) and you’ll enjoy perfect vision — whatever you’re working on — day or night.

Why conventional reading glasses aren’t enough

Choosing between regular lenses or special lenses for computer work is like choosing between instant coffee or freshly brewed. They’re both coffees, but one is clearly superior to the other. Lenses for computer use let you see further than conventional reading lenses. With a wide and clear reading zone, you’ll experience comfortable reading and sharp vision – on your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Benefit from built-in blue light protection

The blue light (also known as High Energy Visible [HEV] light) — emitted from screens can harm your eyes and cause long-term damage. To ensure your eyes are protected from its damaging effects, ask your Eyecare Provider to add Blue Zero, a clear material which effectively absorbs UV and HEV, to your computer lenses.

Treat yourself. Spoil your eyes.

With Shamir Computer Lenses, you’ll feel completely comfortable as your computer eyeglasses will act as a natural extension of your eyes. And you’ll look good too because you can choose the frame you want. Ask your optometrist for Shamir Computer Lenses, available in leading optical stores.

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