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To get the competitive edge, change to Sport Glasses Lenses

Whether you’re running, biking, on the field or on a court, the common denominator is your ability to judge distance, track fast-moving objects, and see what’s on the horizon – not just what’s in front of you. That’s why you need Shamir Attitude Sport progressive eyeglass lenses.

Seeing is achieving

Shamir’s prescription sport lenses offer unlimited vision – in the far, middle, and near viewing zones. While they’re all important, the middle zone is the safety zone – that one-to-five-meter area (around 3.2 to 16.4 feet) which helps you plan your next move and identify obstacles along the way – rain or shine.
Whether you’re on a run or playing a sport like tennis that involves sharp, rapid motions, these high-performance eyeglass lenses help you perform at your best. They provide perfect vision all the way around, even in the peripheral zones of curved sunglass frames. It’s all about your attitude

Great performance isn’t just about being fit or practicing until it’s perfect. It’s also your mindset. Your attitude. When you have Attitude Sport glasses, you’ll feel confident about your ability to handle whatever comes your way — you’ll be ready to go out there and win.

Track your performance

You may have a smartwatch, pedometer, monitor, or fitness band. You need to be able to check your progress while you’re on the move – and the transition from looking ahead to looking down at your watch needs to be smooth and natural. Your sport glasses prescription will take all this into account. And Shamir Attitude Sport will make it happen.

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Do you need sports lenses?

When you want to be at the top of your game, you need all your sportswear to be the best it can be. You want high-performance sport glasses that look great too, with built-in sun protection and anti-fog coating. No matter the weather, you’re good to go.

Your sport. Your style.

With Shamir Attitude Sport, you can also choose the color lens you want to match your style and ensure optimal performance. To give you the competitive edge, add Shamir Glacier Sun coating to your sport glasses. Its UV and AR (anti-reflective) properties give you perfectly clear vision while preventing reflected sunlight from bouncing into your eyes. It won’t interfere with the color lens you’ve chosen – in fact, it will stop the color from fading. It’s built for endurance, as it’s scratch-resistant and durable.

Ask your optometrist for Shamir lenses, available in leading optical stores.