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Your eyes deserve premium progressive lenses perfectly matched to your needs

40 may be the new 30, but your eyes
didn’t get the memo

If ingredients on bottles are suddenly hard to read or you couldn’t see who was waving at you from the other side of the road, it’s time for Autograph Intelligence™ — premium progressive eyeglass lenses that keep pace with your life and match your style.

These aren’t your average progressive lenses

Global award-winning Autograph Intelligence™ uses elements of artificial intelligence to meet the growing challenges of digital vision. Whether you’re working on your laptop, facetiming or texting on your mobile, or streaming a movie — you’ll see perfectly in all the vision zones (far, medium and near). As you evolve, our lenses evolve with you.

Visual age is more than a number

With special optical Autograph Intelligence™ lenses match your visual age with your visual needs. Emulating natural vision, they provide instantaneous sharp focus at any distance and smooth transition between vision zones.
AI Technology vision modeling is matched to your head and eye positions for precise personalization. Whether you’re using an electronic reading device, in a meeting, or eating out, you’ll enjoy great vision.

Are progressive lenses right for you?

When you want the best possible solution for your eyes, price isn’t your first concern — because you can’t put a price on your eyesight. Living in a high-tech world, you expect intelligent eyecare solutions. And whether you’re at work, driving or outdoors, your glasses need to always deliver the best visual performance.

Add the right coating and let your eyes do the talking

Looking into people’s eyes helps us understand what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling. Whether you’re talking face to face or you’re video chatting, you want the person you’re talking to be able to look into your eyes and see your expression – not their reflection! That’s where our coatings make all the difference. Not only does Shamir Glacier Expression™ anti-reflective coating provide clear, detailed vision, it does away with screen glare too.

Ask your optometrist for Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ lenses and Shamir Glacier Expression™ coating, available in leading optical stores.

The frame you want. The vision you need.

Ask your optometrist for Shamir lenses, available in leading optical stores.

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