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Do you need special lenses for sport?

January 1, 1970

As a sportsperson, you’re probably focused on taking the best possible care of your body so you can perform at your best and enjoy what you’re doing. That also means taking good care of your eyes.

Whether you’re out for a fun run or powering through a marathon, playing with friends or competing in a championship, great vision is about more than hit or miss. It can be the difference between being unable to see small obstacles in your path or avoiding them. Taking a tumble could be a minor inconvenience or result in more serious injury.

Whatever sport you’re taking part in, you need to be able to judge distance, track fast-moving objects, and see your immediate surroundings as well as what’s on the horizon. You also need to know that your vision won’t be impaired by foggy weather, dazzled by the glare of the sun, or damaged by exposure to UV. That’s why built-in UV protection as well as anti-reflective (AR) coatings in your Shamir Attitude Sport glasses is a must have.

It’s about ensuring optimal performance while minimizing risk, so you’ve got the best possible chance of not only successfully finishing the event but winning it.

Your sports glasses need to do more than help you perform at their best. They need to be weather-resistant and tough too, with anti-fog coatings that allow you to see irrespective of sudden changes in temperature and scratch-resistant coatings which make them last much longer.

When you’ve got the best possible sport glasses, you’ll feel confident in your ability to give it your best.

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