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At Shamir, we believe that materials matter. That’s why we offer a broad range of lens materials for a wide variety of consumer needs. Our high-quality materials deliver clear vision, improve comfort, and overall aesthetics.


    Blue Zero is a lens material with built-in protection from the potential harm of artificial light, which is increasingly present in everyday life from TV and computer screens, smartphones, tablets, and more. Shamir Blue Zero absorbs HEV, or blue light while maintaining lens clarity.

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    Shamir Blue Sun absorbs blue light, providing built-in protection against the potential health risks of sunlight UV and HEV (High Energy Visible) blue light exposure. Blue Sun reduces up to 50 times more blue light than standard sunglasses. At the same time it improves color perception and general visual performance by maintaining contrast sensitivity.

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    Coated with a special film that effectively neutralizes sunlight glare, Shamir’s polarized lenses deliver clear vision, while improving contrast, preventing distortion of natural colors and even protecting against potentially harmful UV light. They are the ideal choice for all eyeglass wearers, and deliver safety and performance benefits for drivers, sports and outdoor activity enthusiasts.

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