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Shamir 5 Star Progressives Collection

Patients have different visual needs in line with their varied lifestyles.
Our 5 STAR portfolio was designed to provide the perfect offering for every lens and customer.


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    Designed with Artificial Intelligence and based on big data analysis, this unique progressive lens identifies the patient’s visual needs and is tailored to their Visual Age. It is intended for those demanding the most technologically advanced, precisely personalized lenses.



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    Shamir Autograph IIID™ is a premium progressive lens developed on the basis of precise measurement of individual prescriptions and simulation of perceived, real-world viewing fields, to deliver clear vision, with seamless gradation across all vision zones.
    It is intended for those demanding the best lenses to optimally accommodate every individual prescription.

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    A soft progressive lens that provides optimal visual clarity from the first moment it’s worn, and when shifting vision between the near and intermediate vision zones characteristically focused on in fast-paced urban environments, all while fully preserving far vision integrity. The ideal lens for first time progressive lens wearers requiring the ability to dynamically yet comfortably focus on objects in multiple nearby, intermediate, and far vision zones.

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    An ergonomic everyday lens that delivers strong personalization to customers’ individual reading posture and improved visual experience in both near and far vision zones. Ideal for those requiring visual clarity and comfort across all zones and specifically when reading and focusing on nearby objects.

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    Shamir Attitude III Sport is prescription-tailored to deliver clear undistorted vision in curved sports lenses, specifically in the zones characteristically focused on by people engaged in sports and in active lifestyles. It features an outstanding soft design and ensures clear and stable vision in crucial zones.

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    Shamir Attitude III Fashion is precisely tailored to the individual prescriptions and dynamic vision zones of customers engaged in a modern lifestyle. It ensures a clear, undistorted visual experience outdoors, in sunglass frames of any size and curvature.

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    SHAMIR FirstPAL™

    The First Step In Progressive Lenses

    It’s common for new presbyopic patients to put off getting progressives and instead buy a pair of OTC Readers. But why keep them from adjusting to the world of progressive lenses when there’s a solution specifically for new presbyopes, requiring a low add? With Shamir FirstPAL™, we’ve designed a progressive solution that takes into account the adaptation struggles new presbyopes face.

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    With Shamir Duo, customers can enjoy the benefits of progressive lenses in a bifocal format customized to their visual needs and aesthetic preferences. Duo overcomes the challenges of traditional bifocal lenses by eliminating the highly visible upper and lower lens segment separation line.

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