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In July 2015, Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. welcomed the Eyres brand into its family.
Eyres is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of safety eyewear and sunglasses. Its high-quality, ergonomic eyewear provides the unique and comprehensive protection eyes need – along with great looks.

Eyres and Shamir: The perfect pair

The integration of Eyres and Shamir expertise creates a comprehensive solution encompassing frame stock management, lens production, and end-to-end quality control throughout the logistics and shipping processes. We are committed to delivering sunglasses equipped with custom-made prescription sun lenses for every user’s unique and individual needs.


Eyres Sport Rx Sunglasses

Eyres Sport Rx Sunglasses combine the expertise of Shamir in optical design – with Shamir Attitude III Sport™ –with Eyres high-performance frames.
Engineered to provide high shock-resistance and optimal peripheral vision, along with the ultimate in protection and comfort, Eyres Sport Rx Sunglasses are the perfect eyewear for a wide range of sporting activities – from cycling and running, to tennis, golf, mountain-climbing and watersports.

Eyres Rx Sunglasses

Eyres prescription sunglasses come in a wide variety of colors and shades, as well as styles that reflect your personal tastes, while keeping in mind the need for accuracy and clarity when it comes to vision correction. With the freedom to combine each Eyres Rx sunglasses design and color with any Shamir lenses available in the offer, you get accurate vision correction coupled with the best possible outdoor protection for eyes.

Who it's for

For those who seek comfort and eye protection against UV, glare, and bright sunlight during sports and outdoor activities.

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