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Shamir Blue Sun – Effective protection against solar blue light

Shamir’s Blue Sun lenses provide ideal protection against the potential health risks of sunlight UV and HEV (High Energy Visible) blue light exposure.
Suitable for prescription or plano sunglass wearers of any age, Shamir’s Blue Sun lenses effectively absorb the blue light emitted by the sun and reduce exposure by as much as fifty times the amount filtered out by standard sun lenses.

Reduces exposure 50 times more than standard lenses

Removing all the blue light that reaches our eyes would reduce color perception and visual contrast. Shamir’s Blue Sun reduces just the right amount of blue light reaching the eyes to maintain visual quality, while protecting the eyes from too much. While Shamir Blue Sun protects the eyes, it also ensures sharp visual performance and color perception by maintaining contrast sensitivity.

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Who it’s for

Prescription or plano sunglass wearers of any age

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Features & Benefits

Significantly Reduced Exposure

Significantly reduced exposure to potentially hazardous solar blue light

Effective Maintenance

Effective maintenance of visual clarity and ocular health

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