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An advanced bifocal lens combining
clear vision with maximum aesthetics

A bifocal freeform lens that aesthetically conceals the line separating its upper and lower
vision segments, while ensuring the smoothest transition between near and far vision zones.

Eliminates lens segment separation line

Shamir Duo is designed to address the limitations of traditional bifocal lenses – namely their negative aesthetic association with elderly people,
and the jarring temporary loss of sight experienced when shifting one’s eyes between their near and far vision zones.
Duo overcomes the challenges of traditional bifocal lenses by effectively eliminating the highly visible upper and lower lens segment separation line, while continuing to ensure a smooth transition between near and far vision zones, without the “image jump” when switching the vision from far to near and vice versa.

Who it’s for

Aesthetics-conscious eyeglass wearers requiring near and far vision improvement, yet reluctant or otherwise unable to adapt to progressive lenses.

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