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Shamir Millennium – Optimal Gaming Performance
& Protection

Millennium lenses enhance gamers’ vision, enabling them to play at peak performance.
Shamir Millennium lenses are based on an optical design that enhances focus and sharpens detail to ease eye strain. 100% customizable, the lenses improve visual performance at every level and protect against harmful UV light, infrared light and filtering blue-violet light*.

*Blue-violet light is between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR20772-2018

Our advantage:
Unique combination of optical design, coating and materials

Individual lens design customized to the patient’s prescription and chosen frame, increasing visual comfort and allowing complete monitoring of the game scenes – leading to competitive advantages.
With Shamir premium coatings and materials which enhance sharpness, reduce reflections and improve contrast sensitivity – enabling gamers to play at their best for longer.

Shamir Millennium SML

Who it’s for

Gamers of all ages who spend significant time in front of their screens and who want to improve their comfort and performance.

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Features & Benefits

Reduce Eye Strain

Eliminates Eye Stress

Defends against headaches, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and more

Shamir Customized Lenses

100% Customizable

Lenses can be personalized

UV & IR Protection

State-of-the-art, anti-glare treatment with extra protection against infrared and UV


Allows intense screen usage

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