Shamir Spark™ 4W

Digital transformation is changing

the way we live our lives

Shamir Spark™ 4W's
advanced measurement
will change the way you work

Shamir Spark™ 4W


3 ways Spark™ 4W makes your working life easier

No strings attached

It works on Wi-Fi, so you can use
any mobile device

Stand alone

Place it anywhere you want in the
store for optimal comfort and

Handy App

Use our app, Shamir Spark™ Remote from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to take a picture in one click

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Our advanced electro-optic measurement system
automatically measures your patient’s PD

Simply seat your patient in front of
Shamir Spark™ 4W

and click!


Six high resolution
camera sensors

combine to deliver 24-
megapixel ultrasharp images


Crisp eyewear

Four additional color cameras
take crisp images of any eyewear


Precision viewing

Two active near-infrared cameras
allow an unobstructed view of the
patient’s pupils


Auto pupil detection

State-of-the-art AI vision
algorithm detects and processes
192 facial landmarks

Shamir Spark™ 4W sees the patient’s pupils clearly with clear lenses

and different coatings.

Put a Spark into Every
Buying Experience

Give your patients
a WOW moment

Your patients receive a touch-free experience which preserves their personal space while providing the most professional examination available today

Precision that delivers a
personalized experience

Beyond accurately filling the patient’s prescription, ECPs can optimize vision correction and, through As-Worn POV™ technology, ensure the lens delivers optimal vision in the chosen frame

Build better

By using Spark™ 4W, you can carry out measurements fast and efficiently, allowing you to spend quality time with your patients

Your team of ECPs can work in parallel

While one is taking a photo, the other
can complete the measurement, marking the points of interest, later once the patient has left the store

Everything you
wanted to know

What makes the Spark™ 4W so accurate, efficient, and reliable?

Shamir’s state-of-the-art AI vision algorithm detects and processes 192 facial landmarks provided by six high resolution camera sensors which combine to deliver 24-megapixel ultrasharp images, two active near-infrared cameras which allow an unobstructed view of the patient’s pupils with clear lenses and even through sunglasses, and four additional color cameras which take crisp images of any eyewear, enabling exact measurements with the actual chosen frame and lens color options.

What benefits does Spark™ 4W offer patients?

Apart from the touch-free fast measurement process, Spark 4W’s measurement accuracy ensures that lenses are precisely fitted to each individual patient, minimizing non-adaptation and vision correction.

How can I save time and optimize work processes using Spark™ 4W?

It streamlines the measuring and ordering process: Once you’ve taken the PD, you can mark the points of interest to complement all the required parameters on your tablet, laptop, or PC when your patient has left the store and submit your order online. The ability to carry out measuring​ and ordering in the same session, reduces risk and delays.​ Shamir Spark™ 4W can make your measurement process more efficient by enabling your team of ECPs to work in parallel – while one is taking a photo, the other can complete a measurement.

How is AI technology used in Spark?

Spark™4W’s auto detection abilities, powered by AI technology, are continually improving and evolving over time, allowing new features in the future.


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