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As-worn POV™ Technology compensates the prescription in front of the pupil to match to your personal point of view

As-worn POV technology enables Shamir’s lens developers to ensure that the exact same visual clarity and comfort that eyeglass wearers experience with trial frames at their optometrist appointment is maintained when their new lenses are fitted into their frames of choice. This is done by compensating the prescription in front of the pupil – delivering sharp vision to all distances.

Increase visual acuity with Shamir’s advanced designs

As-worn POV™ technology takes As-worn™ Quadro technology one step further. We continue to ensure the right power corrections without compromising the eyeglass wearers’ own frame of choice, while providing the needed prescription as precisely measured at the optical optometrist’s clinic, at the most important place of the lens design: the Fitting Point. This allows us to increase visual acuity with our most advanced designs.

Main benefits for your patients

Perfect vision
for any frame

Ensures enhanced visual performance in any chosen frame

Same visual acuity as
measured at the clinic

Ensures the same visual acuity as in the optometrist’s trial frame

Reduced sensitivity
to tilting

Less sensitive to frame tilt variations

Improved visual

Sharp vision with the right correction in at the right place

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Our Advantage

Bringing the prescription in front of the pupil, closer to the measured one in the clinic.

While in previous As-worn calculations we compensated the prescription by the lens position on the patient face at the far measuring position, now we As Worn POV calculate the compensateds the prescription at the lens fitting point – at the point on the lens that the eye stays most of the time. This change creates clear improvement in the wearer’s visual experience.

Four times greater design stability to frame tilt variations, in any chosen frame

By including the As-worn Quadro in As-worn POV™ it, we have multiplied the its design source dimensions by four also in As Worn POV. Lens design is now even less sensitive to tilt variations of the patient’s chosen frame, ensuring overall improvement of lens performance in any frame.

Clinically tested by real wearers

A clinical study performed by the Shamir Clinical team showed that wearers preferred designs with new As-worn POV™ Technology versus As-worn Quadro™.

87% satisfaction of far visual acuity
94% satisfaction of visual acuity for driving
94.6% satisfaction of far visual field

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