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While the pandemic has wreaked havoc around the world on supply chains and delivery times, here’s what’s happened to Shamir lab services for e-commerce

  • Activities more than doubled.
  • Clients experienced no delays in delivery.
  • Thousands of job orders were filled worldwide every day, and with more speed and accuracy, among our e-commerce customers than among other leading companies using e-commerce.
  • Work plan for safety included separate shifts, in small groups, and adhering to all safety measures.

Shamir Labs for e-Commerce

Shamir Thailand, Shamir Portugal, Shamir Mexico


3 state-of-the-art Rx labs in Thailand, Portugal, and Mexico


Managed by a team of experts in hi-tech Freeform production and web-based technologies


A dedicated product line for eCommerce services


Thousands of orders shipped daily to end-users worldwide, with fast and cost-effective delivery


All labs employ web-based eCommerce platforms to facilitate our eCommerce customers working with ECPs in Asia, Europe, US and worldwide

Providing a complete solution package

Web-Based order integration
Frame warehousing
Lens production & Finished stock lenses
End-to-end quality control
Frame Managment Expertise
Complex glazing
Customized picking
Customized and flexible shipping logistics

Shamir is aware of the importance of e-commerce as a significant tool for consumers. We therefore focus our lab services for e-commerce on the following


Delivery methods

Developing new improved delivery methods, because rapid delivery of eyeglasses – a health-related product – is vital


Consumer demand

Keeping product inventories aligned with consumer demand


Supply-chain logistics

Ensuring supply-chain logistics match growing online sales

Information Technology

Using its own production software, compatible with any web ordering platform, Shamir monitors & controls every job from beginning to end of the production process.

  • Live reports on job status and frame stock availability (updated every 5 minutes)
  • Monthly reports include manufacture & delivery times, any delays, and reasons


State-of-the-art FF production lines are completely digitized and automated, with conveyor- and data-based job handling including high-end Shamir coatings. Skilled operators with glazing expertise use automated MEI hardware for lens cutting and shaping, with strict inline quality control*.

*Shamir complies with, and is certified by, top international quality standards: ISO, FDA, CE.

Frame Management

Shamir’s expertise in frame management starts with choosing the most suitable frame for the given prescription (Rx-compatible), includes holding, picking & monitoring stock usage, and provides seamless reporting to customers.


Management of your inventory


Frames consultation
(Rx compatible)


Access to Shamir frame inventory

Customer Service

Customers receive the best possible advice and consultation from the Shamir team of professionals, including qualified opticians.


Uninterrupted shipping worldwide

The pandemic has resulted in cancellation of millions of flights, severely affecting international transport and logistics services.

Despite this, Shamir has continued shipping worldwide – with the best possible prices and delivery times. Over 90% of our deliveries arrive at the customer’s door within 2 days of order!

Shamir - Innovating and growing


Expanded facilities

To meet the demand of e-commerce growth, Shamir has established new 3,000 sqm warehouses in Portugal and 1500 sqm in Mexico.


Advanced technology

Development of new technologies including the engraving of visible & non-visible markings on lenses and printing on frames.


Proprietary management software

Our in-house developed software gives live updates on job status and frame stock availability.


Shamir has been our growth partner for the past 5 years. Shamir provides great products, logistics, and IT services that enable us to focus on our marketing and growth at The perfection of their production, the QA, and the fast turn-around, give our customers a great service and a satisfying experience.

Eldad Rothman,
Co-Founder & COO,

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