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Developed on the basis of precise measurement of individual prescriptions and simulation of perceived, real-world viewing fields. Shamir Autograph IIID™ delivers sharp, clear vision, with seamless gradation across all vision zones. It adapts the lens to your customer’s prescription so that whether they are near or far-sighted, they see with high visual acuity. This enables them to focus on any task throughout the day: Whether driving, cooking, playing sport, watching TV or relaxing on their laptop just before bed.

Enjoy digital in detail

Optical power support while using digital devices for sharper vision Autograph IIID™ builds on the benefits of Autograph III,  maximizing the vision for minus and plus Rxs.  Based on Intellicorridor™ Technology, it delivers higher sharpness and provides different power support while using digital devices for each individual Rx – for clearer, more detailed mid-distance vision

Be Comfortable with the Details

Precision that makes it easy to perform close tasks Autograph IIID’s design factors in all the visual and ergonomic aspects of our regular routine, which include watching, reading and working in front of screens.  A premium product, Autograph IIID incorporates advanced technologies, offering the best design for progressive lenses with detailed vision.

Who It's for

Eyeglass wearers who demand the utmost from their vision in every situation, and require upgraded digital vision uniquely adapted to today’s needs.

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Features & Benefits

Individual Prescription

Shamir compensated design

Personal Adaptation

Quick and easy adaptation to any frame of choice by Shamir As-Worn Quadro technology

A Sharp Details

Vision at all visual distances


Seamless transition among vision zones

Optimal User Experience

Excellent visual experience with any frame of choice

Maximum Postural Comfort

Significant reduction in undesirable head movements. Good solution for anisometropic patients

Digital Zone

Supports computer and handheld digital device viewing

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