Effective blue light protection
for the eyes

Life in the modern world has us under constant
exposure to artificial light from a broad range of
sources, including computer monitors, tablet and
smartphone screens, televisions, and more. The key
cause for concern stems from the HEV (High Energy
Visible) light they emit, also referred to as blue light,
which over time, can damage our retinas.
Shamir Glacier Blue-shield UV is an innovative lens
coating designed to address exactly this threat.
Deflecting up to five times as much blue light as
traditional lens coatings, it significantly improves light
transmission and contrast, reduces eye strain and
fatigue, and ultimately helps maintain visual health.

Powerful blue light protection greatly reduces retinal HEV light exposure

Improved light transmission for enhanced visual clarity
Rear lens anti-reflective properties of rear lens surface for comprehensive UV protection

Recommended for

Suitable for any wearer:
Children, adults, ametropes, or emmetropes. Eyeglass wearers of any age, who spend significant amounts of time indoors, and are continuously exposed to blue-violet screen light.

Shamir’s high-quality coatings are among the world’s very best.
Each coating comes with the following layers of protection.


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