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Enjoy superior protection

Whether for fashion, lifestyle, or sport, Shamir sun lenses provide powerful protection against ambient and UV (ultraviolet) light, helping keep eyesight clear in the sun,
and eyes as safe as possible from potentially harmful rays.

Polarized Lenses

Effective glare neutralization

Coated with a special film that effectively neutralizes sunlight glare, Shamir’s polarized lenses deliver clear vision, while improving contrast, preventing distortion of natural colors, and even protecting against potentially harmful UV light. They are the ideal choice for all eyeglass wearers, and deliver safety and performance benefits for drivers, sports, and outdoor activity enthusiasts.

Glacier Sun UV™

Perfectly clear vision in the sun

An advanced achromatic coating with UV and AR (anti-reflective) properties which help deliver perfectly clear, bloom-free vision, and keep reflected sunlight from bouncing off rear lens surfaces into the eyes.

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