Powerful UV protection for the eyes

Shamir Glacier™ includes UV protection that prevents the harmful rays from being reflected into the eyes and has an anti-static layer offering outstanding dust repelling properties.

Coatings are so inconspicuous, yet so effective at
making glasses better, whether as a hardened layer safeguarding lenses against scratching or a premium anti-reflective add-on reducing annoying glare and reflections. They improve visual comfort, make eyeglasses easy to clean, and even ensure that they last longer.

This advanced coating is built to last. It won’t wear off or scratch, makes lenses easy to clean and keeps them constantly clear of distracting reflections. Its anti-reflective properties significantly increase light transmission, contributing to a greatly improved visual experience.

Anti-Reflection Action Coating

Blocks both incoming light and light reflected off rear lens surfaces (1.5 index and up)

Taking the glare out of lenses

Recommended for…

Anyone who wears glasses, including:
Clear/Blue Zero, Transitions®, Sunglasses in any frame and index.

Shamir’s high-quality coatings are among the world’s very best.
Each coating comes with the following layers of protection.


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