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 Just to be crystal clear

Shamir Glacier™ Achromatic UV offers all the benefits of an advanced lens coating with the addition of dual side UV protection and improved anti-reflection. It is hydro-phobic, oleo-phobic and anti-static, keeping lenses free of dust, grease and water stains, and making them easy to clean. It’s also highly durable and scratch resistant.


Our Advantage

With Shamir Glacier™ Achromatic UV, your vision is clear and bright. That’s what makes Shamir Glacier™ Achromatic UV the choice of TV presenters and film stars. It’s also a great choice for designer and fashion frames.

Comprehensive ultraviolet protection

Shamir Glacier Achromatic UV™ is suitable spectacle and sunglass wearers of any age. It’s unique anti-reflective and UV protection properties offer the highest performance and coating durability.

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Recommended for…

Anyone who wears glasses, including Clear/Blue Zero,
Transitions®, Sunglasses in any frame and index
a Shamir’s high-quality coatings are among the world’s very best.
Each coating comes with the following layers of protection.


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