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Lightweigth and impact resistant for extraordinary performance

Shamir’s optical expertise has now combined Blue Zero™ with scientifically advanced Trivex® material. The result is Shamir Trivex® Blue Zero™, the latest line of lenses offering extraordinary performance characteristics.

High performance for indoor and outdoor use

By combining Trivex® with Shamir’s industry leading Blue Zero™ material offers the best eye protection available. It’s ideal for engaging in sports, working in hazardous environments, or for general everyday protection against life’s surprises.

Who it’s for

Trivex® Blue Zero™ provides a stronger lens, with embedded UV and blue light protection, offering more benefits and overall performance for everyone. Perfect for children, active adults, seniors, and patients with an eye for fashion frames.Tribrids thin, light but strong qualities make iot perfectly compatible for fashion and rimless frames.

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Features & Benefits

Digital Zone

Excellent vision for computer and mobile use


Embedded ultraviolet and blue light protection greatly reduces retinal HEV light exposure and maintains visual health

Light Transmission

Improved light transmission for enhanced visual clarity and comfort

Contrast Sensitivity

High contrast sensitivity and color perception

Reduced Eye Strain

Reduced eye strain and fatigue

UV Protection

Integrated UV protection


A stronger lens for your patients and that means enhanced safety, durability and confidence in every lens.

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