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An improved occupational shift lens, now in digital free-form

An occupational lens that provides focus flexibility through multiple zones, allowing the wearer to achieve clearer vision across various viewing points. Designed specifically for the office environment to answer the needs of a wide range of professions requiring concentrated vision up to for 4 metres.

Our Advantage: The ideal alternative to reading glasses

Shamir Vocational Digital is an ideal alternative to reading glasses and provides a unique solution for wearers in search of perfect focus for near and mid-distance work.

Who it’s for

People looking for a better solution to traditional reading glasses, with a need to focus on near and mid-distance work.


Features & Benefits


Wide and clear reading zone.
Comfortable reading and sharp vision

Digital Zone

Excellent vision for computer
and mobile use

Reduced Eye Strain

Good for open space meetings


Unprecedented dynamic support for
near and intermediate
zone office activities


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