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The world's #1 RX Polarised Lens.

NuPolar® is the global leader in polarised lenses and continues to set the standard that other polarised lenses aspire to. When performance is key, NuPolar® is #1.

Polarized Lenses

Why prescribe NuPolar® Polarised Lenses

NuPolar® Polarised lenses offer unrivalled colour stability and zero fading over time. They are suitable for most frames including rimless, wrap and sports frames.

With a high polarising efficiency of above 99% and 100% UV blockage, NuPolar® Polarised lenses are the polarised lens solution. Available in a wide range of materials to suit all patients and are perfect for digital surfacing including progressive lenses.

Gradient Polarised Lenses

Why prescribe NuPolar® Gradient Lenses

NuPolar® polarised lenses are available in three high fashion gradient tints so that style and sophistication need never be sacrificed again. Gradient lenses are highly desired by more style-conscious patients. Previously the market didn’t offer patients gradient lenses with high efficiency polarization. But with the release of NuPolar® gradient, style-conscious patients can now get the look of gradient lenses they desire while providing the polarisation they need!


Why prescribe NuPolar® Infinite lenses

NuPolar® Infinite is a variable tint sun lens that uses photochromatic technology to automatically react to changing light conditions, available to change from light grey (60%) to dark grey (91%). NuPolar® Infinite offers 99% polarising efficiency with 100% UV protection and reacts top to both UV and Visible light. NuPolar® Infinite is perfect for patients that spend a lot of time outdoors at any time throughout the day.

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