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Maximizes your performance,
keeps you safe and focused

A state-of-the-art range of prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear products,
created by combining Shamir's lens technology with Eyres’ safety frames.
Based on leading technologies in every sphere.
From measurement and manufacturing methods, to advanced lens design,
Shamir Safety Optical Lenses provides industry leading optical lenses,
innovative coatings and highly durable safety frames.

Safety solution for any work environment

Choosing the right protection is critical to ensuring adequate occupational safety. Shamir offers advanced solutions for a range of professions at risk of getting injured at work, including: Medical staff, those working in construction and manufacturing industries, agriculture, forestry, fishing and mining.



Now, more than ever, medical professionals require extra protection at work. In medical and dental industry, the threat of airborne fluids and particles is often present. We offer doctors, nurses, dentists, and hygienists lightweight safety eyewear with wraparound anti-fog lenses to provide the safety they need..



In dynamic industrial environments, our safety eyeglasses offer protection from hazardous materials such as dust and flying particles caused by machining and other tasks. Their strong, durable construction also offer protection against impact, reducing the risk of eye injury.



Critical protection for our critical protectors. We design lenses specifically designed for the diverse and demanding environments faced by military professionals. Our Strong and durable designs are resistant to vibration, shock, temperature and water - ensuring high reliability and performance.


A winning combination for superior safety

Customized Design

Precise matching of personal and professional needs to lens type.

Optimal wrap-around lense

We provide prescription lenses for even the most extreme-shaped wraparound frames.

High-end materials

Providing long-term durability under harsh conditions, and extreme environments.

Variety of coatings

A variety of coatings that provide the ultimate eye and lens protection
Customized Design

Customized design

With advanced expertise in lens manufacturing and complex designs, Shamir offers prescription lenses for even the most extreme-shaped wraparound frames.

Shamir’s unsurpassed lens designs with Eyres’ leading safety frames, create the perfect solution for excellence in safety eyewear.

Optimal wraparound lenses

We provide prescription lenses for even the most extreme-shaped wraparound frames.

Eyres safety frames use advanced frame and lens materials to ensure that the eyewear is of premium quality, and never fails where protection is critical.

Eyres provide a range of materials to suit a huge variety of lifestyles and challenges, always keeping comfort, performance, precise vision, and safety in mind.

Optical Lenses
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Durable, high-quality materials

At Shamir, we believe that materials matter. We provide a range of materials to suit a huge variety of lifestyles and challenges, always keeping comfort, precise vision, and safety in mind.

A strong prescription can result in thick plastic lenses. Therefore, we manufacture our lenses from high-index plastics or polycarbonates, which reduce lens thickness, and ultimately improve comfort and overall aesthetics.

Our qualitative frame materials ensure that the eyewear never fails where protection and performance are critical.

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A variety of coatings, offering advanced eye and lens protection

Lens coatings can enhance eyeglasses’ aesthetic appearance, durability, and performance, and Shamir’s high-quality coatings are among the world’s very best.

Whether as a hardened layer safeguarding lenses against scratching, or a premium anti-reflective add-on reducing annoying glare and reflections, our coatings improve visual comfort, make eyeglasses easy to clean, and ensure that they last longer.

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