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Precise measurement- and simulation-based lens personalisation technology

Eye-point III is technology enabling delivery of personalised lenses with wide, distortion-free viewing fields, standardized for both hyperopic (farsighted) and myopic (near sighted) eyeglass wearers.

Accurate power control and application

Relying on precise measurements and prescriptions, and on simulation of perceived, real-world viewing fields, the technology enables lens designers to achieve precise power profile control, and apply specific power emphasis at different points and vision zones across lens surfaces.

Main benefits for your patients

Eye-point Technology III Progressive lenses

Fits any prescription or frame

Clear, comfortable vision for eyeglass wearers with any prescription and frame choice, with the most natural viewing postures

Answers individual prescription challenges

Fits the needs of both hyperopic and myopic presbyopes

For digital use

Accommodates the increasing use of handheld digital devices.

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Our Advantage
Enables people with different prescriptions to see the same visual field width

Real World Vision Simulator

Eye-point III™ predicts where any light angle that travels through the lens will focus. It has taken into account the front lens curve, lens material, index, frame geometry, and back curves. This information was taken into the real world and analyzed using almost every RX from the high plus to the high minus. The designs are optimized for each combination of parameters.


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