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In 2019 Shamir Optical Industry and Independent Lens Specialists formed a strategic partnership in order to provide the New Zealand optical market with industry leading, high quality, genuine New Zealand made spectacle lenses.
Since forming in 2006, Independent Lens Specialists has grown to be a trusted and highly regarded lens manufacturer, not only here at home in New Zealand, but around the world. Investing in the latest technologies and ensuring they stay at the forefront of our industry, both at a local level and internationally, is what has built their reputation to what it is today.
This partnership has enabled us to compete at an international level against the world’s leading providers in terms of product offering, and we are proud to say that some of our lens designed offer features no other leading supplier can.

At Shamir, we understand that quality, care, and service are fundamental values of our optical partners. Our mission is to ensure that your customers receive the best optical products and services available on the market. Our lenses, coatings, and materials are often listed as some of the best in the world making Shamir New Zealand an ideal optical supply partner.

Why Shamir New Zealand?

Focusing on innovative technology, outstanding customer service, and New Zealand Made quality lens production, Shamir produces its complete range of optical/spectacle lenses and employs a team of highly regarded and experienced technicians and customer service personnel in both Christchurch and Auckland. Producing superior products and lens technology made for the New Zealand market is one of the key points of difference Shamir New Zealand has to offer. Being a New Zealand based company, we understand and recognise the importance of high quality manufacturing and service standards. Manufacturing in New Zealand allows us to provide quality products that exceed our customer’s expectations, while at the same time support our local economy and workforce.

Why New Zealand Made

New Zealand made certification – in association with ILS – allows us to effectively communicate our company values to consumers, and highlights our Kiwi attributes. It is recognisable and shows our commitment to manufacturing to New Zealand’s high standards and delivering premium products to our customers.

Eyecare professionals across New Zealand appreciate Shamir’s quick response to changing market demands and consumer needs, as well as our ability to fill orders for custom-designed product lines.

Now and into the future

Shamir New Zealand is committed to delivering high quality products and manufacturing in New Zealand for the long term, investing in technology and installations of new advanced equipment to further accommodate customer needs.

To help enhance the vision and visual experience of our customers around the country with our quality products and innovative lens technology is one of our key values, and we are extremely proud of all the people we have helped to see clearer.


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