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Shamir Autograph Intelligence – The artificial intelligence-driven lens of the future made available today

The first progressive lens of its kind optimally tailored to individual eyeglass wearers’ needs and visual age (the physiological age of one’s eyes) via AI (Artificial Intelligence). Shamir Autograph Intelligence achieves this highest precision match via extensive research of consumer preferences and age-specific use of different vision zones, implementation of innovative Big Data- and AI-assisted lens design.

Our advantage:
Precise personalization by visual age

Autograph Intelligence overcomes the limitations of traditional progressive lenses, which feature identical concepts for all ages and prescriptions with the most precisely personalized lens designs. It utilizes the power of AI to deliver twelve unique and innovative progressive lens concepts, each carefully tailored to the needs of specific visual ages and zone usage profiles.

Who it’s for

Premium customers demanding the most technologically advanced, precisely
personalized lenses.

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