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A high-quality progressive lens, offering an optimal personalized visual experience across all zones

Developed on the basis of precise measurement of individual prescriptions and simulation of perceived, real-world viewing fields, Shamir Autograph III delivers clear vision, with seamless gradation across all vision zones.

Autograph III delivers wide, distortion-free viewing fields, completely standardized for both hyperopic (farsighted) and myopic (nearsighted) eyeglass wearers. It implements precise power profile control, with specific power emphasis at different points and vision zones across the entire lens surface and enables optimal adaptation to prescriptions and choices of frame. Autograph III addresses the near and intermediate vision zone requirements of modern lifestyle activities, such as the use of digital devices.

Our advantage:
The real-world vision experience

Using the innovative Eye-Point Technology III®, Shamir Autograph III adapts the lens to your customer’s prescription so that whether they are near or far-sighted, they get to see more of the world as it really is. Now you can offer your patients real solutions that fit their individual prescription challenges as hyperopic and myopic presbyopes.

Who It's for

Multifocal eyeglass wearers demanding high-quality lenses that optimally accommodate any individual prescription. They require lenses that fit their modern world digital needs while providing comfortable and sharp vision, in any shape of chosen frame.

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Features & Benefits

Shamir Customized Lenses

Individual Prescription

Shamir compensated design

personally adapted

Personal Adaptation

Quick and easy adaptation to any frame of choice by Shamir As-Worn Quadro technology

Near Vision Enhancement

Instant focus across near and intermediate visual zones

Dynamic Lenses


Seamless transition among vision zones

Optimal Visual Experience

Excellent visual experience with any frame of choice


Maximum Postural Comfort

Significant reduction in undesirable head movements. Good solution for anisometropic patients

Shamir Digital Zone

Digital Zone

Supports computer and handheld digital device viewing

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