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A dynamic progressive lens for the modern urban lifestyle

Young presbyopes prefer a lens that provides smooth access to near and intermediate viewing zones, with softer design. They require a seamless visual experience that delivers quick, clear and easy focus when their vision shifts from distance to the near and mid-distance visual range.
Shamir Autograph Urban is a uniquely flexible and soft lens that provides the seamless near-to-mid-range focus shifts required in modern city life.

Our advantage:
Addressing the special needs of dynamic, urban living

Shamir Urban is today’s softest lens design for quick and easy adaptation in the urban environment. Using Shamir’s unique lens optimization and advanced technologies, such as Intellicorridor, we can deliver an extra soft lens with sharp focus to the digital distance of hand-held devices.

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Who it’s for

First-time progressive lens eyeglass wearers aged 40 and up, requiring the ability to dynamically yet comfortably focus on objects in multiple nearby, intermediate and far vision zones.

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Features & Benefits

Shamir Outdoor


Good long-distance vision

Instant Focus

Instant focus and seamless transition between close and mid-range vision zones

Sharp Vision

Sharp vision for reading distance

Shamir Digital Zone

Digital Zone

Unprecedented support for near zone computer and handheld digital device viewing


Quick and easy adaptation for first-time progressive lens wearers

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