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An innovative lens coating preventing rear lens surfaces from fogging up

Athletes or sports enthusiasts, or even those wearing glasses and a mask have likely experienced the discomfort and potential hazard of blocked vision when the rear surfaces of their lenses fog up.

This often occurs during strenuous activity, typically due to the body giving off increased heat, and humidity getting trapped behind their glass lenses. The solution to this challenge is Shamir’s Glacier Anti-fog technology. With an ultra-thin layer that prevents the water droplets produced by trapped humidity from forming fog on rear lens surfaces, this coating helps eyeglass wearers maintain performance-critical clear vision.

Shamir Glacier Anti-fog lens coating

Fog-free rear lens surfaces for continuous clear vision

No activation needed
Available for polycarbonate, Trivex and 1.6
Can be applied to any frame

Recommended for…

 Anyone who regularly experiences rear lens surface fogging, including:

  • Athletes and sports enthusiasts requiring clear, fog-free vision – indoors and outdoors
  • Anyone who wears masks with glasses (sunglasses and eyewear)
  • Medical teams that are required to wear a mask for long hours
  • Work that involves strenuous activity
  • Professions where safety glasses are required

Important: Do not ink-mark the back surface of lens, as ink-marks cannot be removed!

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