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All purpose protection

Shamir Glacier Sun UV is an advanced achromatic coating which ensures enhanced UV protection and minimized glare.

Its UV and AR (anti-reflective) properties help deliver perfectly clear, bloom-free vision and keep reflected sunlight from bouncing off rear lens surfaces into the eyes.
Shamir Glacier Sun UV does not interfere with the sun lenses’ chosen hue and helps prevent their color from fading. Its antistatic, hydrophobic, and oleophobic properties make it easy to keep lenses clean and ensure extraordinary scratch resistance and durability.

Shamir Glacier Sun UV

Maintains color, does not change lens tint, and protects color from fading

Enhanced UV protection – Absorbs dangerous reflected radiation, minimizes glare
High durability and scratch resistance
Easy to clean, with high resistance to water, stains, grease and fingerprints

Recommended for…

Anyone who wears glasses, including:
Clear/Blue Zero, Transitions®, Sunglasses in any frame and index.

Shamir’s high-quality coatings are among the world’s very best.
Each coating comes with the following layers of protection.


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