A lens offering optimal visual experience
in office environments

A dynamic workspace-dedicated lens designed to significantly improve visual clarity
and comfort in the 35 centimeter to 6-meter range.

Our advantage:
Optimized for visual clarity in the 35cm-6m range

Shamir Smart Office features a dynamic power profile uniquely optimized for near to intermediate vision zones.
It provides visual clarity and comfort in the 35 centimeter to 6-meter range required for convenient reading,
computer usage and a range of additional activities in and around office environments.
Shamir Smart Office accommodates the most natural and ergonomic viewing postures, reducing the need to
tilt one’s head forward or back or lower or raise objects to achieve convenient viewing.

Who it’s for

Eyeglass wearers requiring near and intermediate zone vision improvement, and the greatest visual comfort when reading, using computers or performing other office activities.

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Features & Benefits

Dynamic Lenses


Unprecedented dynamic support
for near and intermediate
zone office activities


Wide, comfortable viewing
field for reading

Shamir Customized Lenses


High personalization, with lenses
custom-designed as per
individual prescriptions



Ensures natural and ergonomic
viewing postures

Shamir Digital Zone

Digital Zone

Perfect vision for computer
and mobile use

Reduce Eye Strain

Reduces Eye Strain

Reduced eye strain and fatigue

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