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A highly personalized single vision lens

Shamir SV III As-worn offers single vision eyeglass wearers the sharpest and most comfortable eyesight – thanks to breakthrough features, such as the highest degree of personalization to individual prescriptions, and the most precise matching of the viewing experience with specific choices of frame.

Our advantage:
The sharpest, most comfortable visual experience

Shamir SV III As-worn incorporates power corrections based on precise measurement of customers’ individual prescriptions and simulation of their perceived viewing fields.
Eye-point Technology III embedded in Shamir SV III As-worn ensures the lens provides the widest fields of clear vision, with As-worn Quadro technology additionally guaranteeing that visual comfort and acuity precisely match the optimal viewing experience determined in optometrist measurements.


Who it’s for

Single vision eyeglass wearers demanding top performance personalized lenses in any frame of choice.

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Features & Benefits

Shamir Customized Lenses

Individual Prescription

Lenses custom designed as per individual prescription

personally adapted

Personal Adaptation

Customized to any frame of choice by Shamir As-Worn Quadro technology

Shamir Outdoor

Clear Vision

Broadest possible fields of clear vision

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