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Technology ensuring optometrist measurement-faithful visual experience in any frame of choice

As-worn Quadro technology enables Shamir lens developers to ensure that the exact same visual clarity and comfort eyeglass wearers experience with trial frames at an optometrist appointment is maintained when their new lenses are fitted into their frames of choice.

Precision personalization to frame shapes and angles

Lens performance can be sensitive to frame choice, due to variations of the Pantoscopic Tilt and Face-Form Angle at each patient’s chosen frame. This technology enables Shamir to produce lenses with greatly reduced sensitivity to frame tilt variations. It ensures that the right power corrections established as required in ECP measurements are maintained without compromising the eyeglass wearers’ own frame of choice.

As worn quadro

Main benefits for your patients

Perfect vision
for any frame

Ensures enhanced visual performance in any chosen frame

Same visual acuity
as with trial frame

Ensures the same visual acuity as in the optometrist’s trial frame

Reduced sensitivity
to tilting

Less sensitive to frame tilt variations

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Our Advantage

Preserves the original design characteristics, in a wide range of angles and tilts

As-Worn Technology™ compensates the prescription according to the unique parameters of the chosen frame, retaining the design integrity. It ensures that once the lenses are fitted into the frame, patients will experience the same visual acuity as they did in the optometrist’s trial frame.

Four times greater design stability to frame tilt variations, in any chosen frame

With As-Worn Quadro, we have multiplied the design source dimensions by four. Lens design is now even less sensitive to tilt variations of the patient’s chosen frame, ensuring overall improvement of lens performance in any frame.

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