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Continuous Design Technology enables delivery of multi-concept lens designs, improving the vision of eyeglass wearers of any age

Continuous Design technology is Shamir’s way of most efficiently and effectively delivering different lens designs that accommodate eyeglass wearers of different ages and visual needs.

One concept encompassing 12 unique designs

Rather than serve eyeglass wearers of all ages and usage patterns with one and the same lens design, the technology enables Shamir designers to deliver twelve unique designs, each tailored exactly to the needs of one of twelve pre-established age ranges.

Main benefits for your patients

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Offers every patient a unique lens design ideally suited to their Visual Age™, in all vision zones, and for all distances

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Rapid adaptation
to evolving needs

Provides and very rapidly adapts different lenses, optimally matching both current and evolving needs

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Easy transition
to next lenses

Ensures easy transition to eyeglass wearers’ next lenses in line as they age

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Our Advantage

Integrates multiple design genes, one for each
Visual Age™

Current lens designs are based on a one-design-fits-all concept, offering a specific power profile. Shamir’s pioneering approach has paved the way to a multiple design approach.

With Shamir Autograph Intelligence™, 12 prototypes, one for each Visual Age™, were developed based on the findings of our extensive research. This means we can now offer every patient a unique lens design ideally suited to their Visual Age™, in all vision zones, and for all distances.

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