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Anasayfa Sun Rx

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Shamir optical sunglass lenses for sports and active lifestyles ensure accurate vision, even with large and curved fashion and sports sunglass frames.

Attitude III Sport™

A progressive sun lens for sports and active lifestyles

Shamir Attitude III Sport is prescription-tailored to deliver clear undistorted vision in curved sports lenses, specifically in the zones characteristically focused on by people engaged in sports and in active lifestyles. It features an outstanding soft design and ensures clear and stable vision in crucial zones.

Attitude III Fashion™

A progressive sun lens for any fashion frame

Shamir Attitude III Fashion is precisely tailored to the individual prescriptions and dynamic vision zones of customers engaged in a modern lifestyle. It ensures a clear, undistorted visual experience outdoors, in sunglass frames of any size and curvature.

Attitude III SV™

A personalized single vision lens for sunglasses

Shamir Attitude III SV is a highly personalized single vision sun lens that helps ensure clear, undistorted vision across its entire surface, even when fitted to large, curved frames. It provides full clarity and an expanded peripheral viewing field across even the largest of curved frames.

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