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Continuously evolving with you

Shamir’s award-winning Autograph Intelligence is the first lens design incorporating elements of Artificial Intelligence, based on big data. This premium design offers a unique solution, based on continuous research which optimally matches a person’s visual age with their visual needs. As Autograph Intelligence is designed to evolve, after a large research study, we decided it was time for a new release.

Our commitment to you

With Autograph Intelligence, you always get today’s highly advanced and precisely tailored progressive lens, because it is a lens design capable of learning from a constant flow of new data and incorporating it into its design, constantly staying ahead and evolving to optimally address users’ ever changing visual needs.

Going digital with you!

In order to adapt lenses to the challenges of digital vision, we emphasized the digital visual field in the lens even more than before. Using Shamir IntelliCorridor technology, we improved intermediate vision by increasing softness, visual field and visual acuity -providing the right power profile for each visual age.

Who it's for

Presbyopes of any age who demand the best visual experience achieved by the newest technologies, especially those who feel that they need that extra support for their digital usage and mid-range vision.

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Features & benefits

Optimal User Experience

Easy entry and quick adaptation to progressive lenses

Tailored for Balanced Visual Performance

For any visual need with any Visual Age

Significantly Enhanced Digital Support

For any virtual application, for eyeglass wearers of any age

Natural Vision

Instantaneous sharp focus at any distance; smooth transition between vision zones

High Precision Personalization

Constant input of latest scientific data, with Artificial Intelligence analysis

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