Spark™ 4
Measurement precision made simple

Welcome to the Spark 4 measurement experience. Now there’s a SIMPLE way to do it

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Make it Spark. Make it Simple.

Accuracy - one step further

Get a real picture of your patient with Spark™️4’s sophisticated electro-optic system, based on stereo vision 3D technology and 6 high resolution 24-megapixel camera sensors which detect and process 192 facial landmarks. Spark™️4 sees the patient’s pupils clearly even through sunglasses and clear lenses,
as well as different coatings.

Fast & user friendly

With just one picture taken in a few seconds, you get an automatic measurement of the PD. The remaining measurements can be marked later, with or without the patient. Once the data is collected, it can be connected to the Shamir online ordering system.

Complete comfort

With Spark™4, your patient can sit in front of a well-designed, highly accurate and compact device, in a natural position without the need for a frame clip, while maintaining a safe personal distance. Spark™4 can be easily placed on the table or counter.

You & your patients enjoy
the Spark™ 4 experience

How to grow your business with Spark™ 4

Save measurement time

for greater efficiency

Position your store

as advanced, aesthetic and innovative

Consultation time

with the client with a personal touch

Widen the variety of frames

that can be offered to your clients

Service and training

for your staff enables them to be as professional as possible

Everything you wanted to know

What is Spark™ 4 and why do I need it?

Spark™ 4 is a simple digital measuring device which enables fast and accurate measurement of the frame on the patient’s face. Using AI based machine learning, Spark™ 4 allows you to get a complete picture of your patient by deducing 192 of their facial landmarks. The device offers simplicity of operation and convenience for the user.

How many years have Spark devices been on the market?

The Spark devices were first launched in 2013 and have been in use for 10 years.

Why choose the Spark™ 4 measurement experience?

With Spark™4 you get the PD in less than a minute. You can save the digital image and decide to mark the points later, rather than in front of the patient.

Spark™4 helps save measurement time due to its efficiency. Now you can gain greater consultation time with the client, with a personal touch.

There is no need for a frame clip. Using the device gives the patient personal space without having to approach the patient or place unpleasant frames or aids on his/her face.

The device is compact and does not take up much space so it can be conveniently placed in the store – positioning it as advanced, innovative and aesthetic.

Measurement can be performed with all types of lenses and frames.

Can measurement be performed on all types of lenses and frames?

Yes. With Spark™4, measurement can be performed with the same ease and simplicity for any type of lens or frame, even for coated lenses and sunglasses, and mirror coatings like clear lenses. In addition, customers can choose from any type of frame that exists in the market.

Watch the Spark™ 4 Tutorial

Discover how easy it is to use and how to add it to your routine

We’ve sparked up ECPs’ lives!

Spark has been essential in providing patients with a start-to-finish premium product…and one that they are more likely to talk about with friends and family. In an ever-changing optometric climate, Shamir will always have a place in our practice.

Sabrina Graziano, O.D.

Owner, BeSpectacled Eye Care Bakersfield, CA

The thing that impressed me most about Shamir was that the rep came out and spent time with us. As soon as we started using Shamir product, our problems went away. People were adapting and, therefore, happy. They even experienced a “Wow” moment

Kathy Chirqui, O.D.

Owner, Optometrics of Chatsworth Northridge, CA

I love quality in everything. My clothing. My shoes. And certainly in my lenses. That’s what customers expect from us. And that’s what Shamir offers them…a truly premium product.”

Irwin Eve

Co-Owner, Occhiali Eyewear Santa Barbara, CA

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