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Shamir Optical CEO Yagen Moshe in Managers Forecast Magazine

Shamir Optical – Innovating Lens Technologies

January 1, 1970

“We focus on improving life by improving vision,” says Yagen Moshe, CEO of Shamir Optical, speaking from Singapore, where he manages the company’s worldwide operations. Shamir Optical, which will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022, has grown from a small factory headquartered at Kibbutz Shamir in Israel’s north into a worldwide operation that has become one of the world’s leading developers of lenses for eyeglasses. Shamir specializes in the development, marketing, and production of spectacle lenses, selling its products to eye care professionals through thirty locations around the world, operating 18 laboratories with a total workforce of 2,500 in 22 countries.

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