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January 1, 1970

Shamir remains focused on combining cutting-edge technology and the highest quality products. That marriage is again evident in both the company’s latest updates to its Autograph Intelligence™ design and its launch of Glacier Expression™, Shamir’s game-changing anti-reflective coating. Both are available beginning February 1 and represent unsurpassed opportunities for you to deliver the best vision and latest technology to your customers.
The result of several years of research, studies, and tests, both products don’t just constitute technological breakthroughs. They also respond to the basic need to make an emotional connection with one another. As the pandemic has driven everyone to connect and work in more of a digital space, that need–especially in terms of building trust and empathy–has largely gone unmet.

Shamir saw how the distractions of today’s tech-driven society can result in a disconnect, especially for today’s consumers. Whether they’re at work or home, that everyday digital viewing environment requires moving between multiple screens each day…from laptops and tablets to smartphones and more. As it relates to vision, the resulting distractions include lighting, glare, and reflections from screens.
In the new updates to its award-winning Autograph Intelligence™ progressive lens, first launched in 2018, Shamir has conducted and then responded to ongoing research and data studies. The result is an enhanced and improved flagship product that continues to evolve and deliver personalization to the consumer’s visual age and, most important, to fit the changing needs in today’s tech-driven society.

An all-new anti-reflective coating with high quality, unsurpassed properties, Glacier Expression™ allows wearers to Look Better, See Better, Feel Better, and Connect Better! It does so in part thanks to this new formula’s amazing signal-to-noise ratio. And, in recently conducted case studies with eyecare professionals, participants reported a dramatic increase in clarity compared to other AR coatings on the market today.
The results? Of course wearers can see more clearly, but they are also able to build better connections with minimal distraction from the glare of devices, light, and other visual background noise.
This optimal solution for today’s consumer offers several important features and unparalleled benefits. They include:
• The Formula…It delivers high quality, scratch resistance, and superior reduction of glare.
• Look Better…In addition to improved aesthetics, Glacier Expressions™ reduces up to 70% MORE reduction in glare from the light to which our eyes are the most sensitive.
• See Better…The sharpest and clearest possible vision results from improved light transmittance and contrast sensitivity.
• Feel Better…Consumers enjoy comfortable vision thanks to the coating’s minimized visual background noise.

This dual introduction underscores Shamir’s ongoing commitment in all areas…both in terms of new, high-tech launches as well as critical product enhancements. For more information on these exciting developments–the Autograph Intelligence™ update and Glacier Expressions™ launch—please visit: https://www.itsclearitsyou.com/.

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