Shamir Relax is an advanced single vision lens available in 3 versions, providing just the extra bit of power in the lower lens area for added visual comfort in the 15-to-27-inches digital display viewing zones. The lens helps overcome the accommodative challenges of today’s use of digital screens.

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    SHAMIR Autograph II - SV™

    A New Visual Experience

    Shamir Autograph II – Single Vision™ provides your single vision patients the personal fit they need to experience crisp, clear, uncomplicated vision. That’s because Shamir Autograph II – Single Vision™ utilizes As-Worn Technology™, so the design is created to accommodate the way your patient wears their frame of choice (i.e. low on the bridge, high on the bridge, etc).

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    SHAMIR Autograph® III - SV

    Experience the Difference with Digital
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    The introductory Freeform® Single Vision Lens

    Shamir Spectrum – Single Vision introduces patients to the world of Freeform®. While we do offer a fully personalized single vision lens in the Shamir Autograph III – SV, some patients just aren’t ready to take the leap into something so revolutionary… for those “non-early adopters” there’s Shamir Spectrum – Single Vision. Shamir Spectrum – Single Vision provides patients a technologically advanced single vision lens that delivers a precise Rx at a price that fits any budget.

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    This SV sunglass lens has an expanded base curve range, to support an endless variety of fashion and sports frames, flat or wraparound, and to suit any lifestyle. It provides full clarity, with As-worn Quadro technology guaranteeing that visual comfort and acuity precisely match the desired viewing experience established in doctors’ measurements.

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