The invisible protectors

Shamir’s high-quality, hi-tech coatings provide superior durability, performance and protection.
Whether as a hardened layer safeguarding lenses against scratching, or a premium anti-reflective add-on reducing annoying glare and reflections, our coatings improve visual comfort, make eyeglasses easy to clean, and ensure that they last longer. Some of our coatings help block ultraviolet and infrared light when outdoors while others filter out blue light that eyeglass wearers may be exposed to when using digital devices or computers indoors.


    Shamir’s Glacier Anti-fog technology, essentially an ultra-thin layer that prevents the water droplets produced by trapped humidity from forming fog on rear lens surfaces – helping eyeglass wearers maintain performance-critical clear vision, during sports, fast-paced activities, or while wearing a mask.

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    The Shamir Glacier™ PLUS AR coating provides advanced technological Anti-reflection. In high index lenses, it will even ward off both incoming light and light reflected off rear lens surfaces.

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