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Creating a Sensory Experience for Your Optometry Office | Shamir

If you’re looking to retain your customer base as an optical professional, take a look at our best practices to help your organization.

February 2, 2023


Creating a Sensory Experience for Your Optometry Office

Visiting a medical office for an appointment is usually not the favorite item on a patient’s to-do list. While eyecare is perhaps the least fear-inducing of them all, any medical appointment has the potential to offer a bit of angst, or at a minimum, can be seen as a chore. So, what better way to promote your business than by showing your customers how comfortable an eye care experience can be, and that it can even be enjoyable.

In order to retain existing customers, and catch the eyes of new ones, you’re going to want to make your eyecare office even more inviting than heading home after work or running errands. Luckily, it is not as tricky as you might think. It is all about engaging customers’ emotions. An exciting and practical way to get started is by creating a sensory experience in your space. That’s right — connecting to your customers, not just through their eyes, but through all of their senses!

As one of the founders of Shamir Insight USA, I am going to reveal the best ways I have found over the years to offer customers a truly positive and personal experience that leaves them feeling proud and uplifted about taking care of their eye health. Keep reading for tips on crafting a sensory experience for your optometry office.

Create a Visually Enticing Experience

Visiting an optometry office seems to be all about the eyes. But beyond the exam and array of stylish frames, there is more you can do to create a visual experience for your customers. Anything from a soothing paint color on the walls to decorative pillows can create a more relaxing and enjoyable eyecare appointment. You can create an experience that feels inviting for your customers by ensuring the design of your office space is modern, clean, and stylish.

Ensure that your displays are eye-catching and encourage visitors to take a look around all of the exciting products you have to offer. Switch it up by decorating inclusively during the holidays to draw customers in. Year round, offer pops of relaxing colors around the office with fresh flowers or potted plants. But, be sure to keep them healthy, just like you will your patients.

Fill Your Office with Pleasing Sounds

Ever visited a spa and felt immediately relaxed by the immersion of sounds? Calming music and a bubbling fountain can work wonders to ease anxiety of any kind of appointment. Try emulating this in your own space with a water feature or a signature playlist. Instead, you might opt for a television in the waiting room with crowd pleasing favorites playing and offer customers a remote to switch it up as they please.

Even more, be sure to show your customers that you are listening to their needs. Always make sure it is a top priority to respond thoughtfully to their questions and provide affirmation for their needs. Showing your team cares through warm and helpful discussions with customers is what will truly keep them returning to your office for years to come.

Try Out Soothing Aromas

Smell is one of the most powerful senses for creating positive, lasting memories. So, make sure your optometry office is an olfactory experience. Come up with a signature scent for your space. Is it clean linen? Fresh, summery citrus? Cozy vanilla? Or maybe a relaxing eucalyptus? Be sure that whichever scent you choose aligns with the aesthetics of your office and the mood you are trying to create.

Choose something that is subtle enough that it is unlikely to disturb customers, but strong enough to catch attention. Set up scented stations with candles or diffusers with your office’s signature scent. Feel free to change it up during the seasons, especially the holidays. Something so powerful as scent is an easy way to make your office memorable and enjoyable to visit, all while helping ease anxiety and promote comfort.

Make Comfort a Priority

What could possibly engage customers’ sense of touch in your office? It is more obvious than it might seem. What is the temperature like? Will it be refreshing to walk inside on a hot day or cozy to enter when it’s cold out? Think about the duration of your customers’ visits. Will they be uncomfortable after an hour inside?

Now, think about the tactile elements. Are there nice chairs or couches with soft or sleek materials? Do you have plush pillows so comfortable that sitting in the waiting room is a welcome reprieve from the stressors of the day? Go the extra mile by offering clean blankets draped along a couch if you have one and use smooth, easy pens for signing documents.

Offer Snacks & Beverages

A trip to the optometry office might seem like it has absolutely nothing to do with taste. But, on the contrary, tapping into this sense can be a truly powerful way to welcome your customers and make them feel at home. Start by offering free beverages such as coffee, tea, juice, or sparkling water — served at appropriate temperatures of course. Such a simple gesture shows forethought for the people that walk into your office.

Take it one step further by laying out a basket with candies such as chocolates, caramels, or mints. To keep it healthy, consider introducing a fruit basket with apples, oranges, and bananas. What better way to show your commitment to your customers than by making sure they feel cared for and satisfied during their visit to your office?

And creating a sensory experience in your office goes far beyond just client-facing locations. As President of Shamir Insight USA, I have always been committed to fostering a welcoming and warm environment even in our corporate headquarters!

I hope these tips encourage you to reflect on the sensory elements in your own optometry office, empowering you to make customers’ visits more inviting by connecting with them on a deeper, emotional level to build long lasting, loyal customer relationships.

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