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Shamir Optical Announces Partnership with Blink Technologies

Shamir Optical, leading high-performance optical lens producer seals the deal as a shareholder in the AI-based eye-tracking startup, Blink Technologies.

April 12, 2022

RELEASE DATE: April 15, 2022


San Diego, CA – April 15, 2022– Shamir Optical, a world-leading company that produces high -performance optical lenses will become a shareholder in Blink. As a new partner, Shamir will provide insight and expertise for sales development, customer service and R&D.

“We use our proprietary AI-based, eye-tracking software solution to simplify ophthalmic measurement processes,” Blink CEO Oren Yogev said. “We hope to contribute to Shamir’s continued leadership in the ophthalmic lens design and manufacturing industry.”

Shamir values their new partnership with Blink in hopes to collaborate and boost R&D capabilities. Blink technologies is a patented software used for human eye tracking solutions for single-eye or multiple users behavioral metrics and visual attention via “gaze tracking” – the process in which users eye movements will infer actions to what users would like to undergo without clicking a button. While Shamir Optical’s R&D is based in Israel, this new partnership with Blink will enhance data research and host new perspective that will continue to contribute to the company’s goals for innovation and technological advances.

“Shamir prides itself on being the forefront of new technological developments to create better solutions for improving people’s vision,” said Shamir CEO and president, Yagen Moshe.

For more information on Shamir products, visit: www.shamirlens.com.


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